Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pain Awareness Month - Challenge Day 25: Celebrate Your Life

Day 25: Celebrate your life. Today we challenge you to embrace the positivity that surrounds you. Small acts of kindness from others brightens up the dark days that pain warriors face. We want you to share the love that surrounds you, the engaging opportunities that lifts you up and the little things that makes you appreciative of your life, despite your chronic pain condition. 
Celebrate your life by sharing your photo(s) below and/or on our campaign via Instagram: @USPainAwarenessMonth. 
Consider making a collage that celebrates your life by using free, online collage programs such as 
#CelebrateYourLife #PAM16 #PainAwarenessMonth

When Hubby brings flowers, this is a sweet act of kindness!

Many times I receive kind cards from members of my church, letting me know that they pray for me.

Any little act of kindness shows love and is greatly appreciated!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pain Awareness Month - Challenge Day 24 - Keep Your Mind Busy

Day 24: Keep your Mind Busy. Are there fun, interactive websites or games that take your mind off of your or your loved one’s chronic pain condition? Perhaps you use coloring books as a peaceful distraction. Whatever your preference, today’s challenge asks that you find quiet time and keep your mind busy. 

Do you have completed coloring pages to share? Post photos of your favorite completed coloring page from your book as a comment below and/or tag our campaign on Instagram: @USPainAwarenessMonth 
#KeepYourMindBusy #PAM16 #PainAwarenessMonth#USPain30DayChallenge

For this challenge, they're asking about websites or games that help to take our mind off the chronic pain we're experiencing.  Everyone is different.  Some people will have peaceful fun from websites that I like, such as

Discovering where some of our ancestors came from.

 I wouldn't like to spend time on games online.  I just don't enjoy games, because I never have.  I'm more of a history/artsy person.  I can spend all day on ancestry or working on my blogs.  These are great distractions for me; helping me pass the day.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Pain Awareness Month Challenge Day 23 - We Are the Mighty

Day 23: We are The Mighty! Stories that inspire through real stories by real people facing real challenges. Having a disability or disease doesn’t have to be isolating. U.S. Pain Foundation partnered with The Mighty to allow pain warriors a safe platform to face their adversity with the pain community. Today’s challenge is to read one featured story from The Mighty and then SHARE it on social media using the hashtags #USPainAndTheMighty#PainAwarenessMonth #PAM16

If you are among the chronically ill, you probably already know about The Mighty.  The Mighty is a wonderful website where chronically ill people post their articles.  I love reading these posts!  I think you will, too.  It really spreads awareness and opens communication with the unaware population.  So many people don't understand the lives we endure.  This is especially true of those of us with invisible illness.

by Caz on the Mighty

This was a really good post.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pain Awareness Month Challenge Day 22 - Veteran Pain Heroes

Day 22: Veteran Heroes, we thank you. It’s of the utmost importance to U.S. Pain Foundation that our veterans receive the proper care, benefits and help they deserve and need. Partnering with Wings for Warriors, U.S. Pain applauds the perseverance of Pain Warrior Anthony Ameen, Founder of Wings for Warriors and the offerings made available to veterans as the result of the organization. Today’s challenge: Thank a veteran and Wings for Warriors! You may do so in the following ways:
-Follow @Wings4Warriors on Twitter, then tag the organization in a Tweet, showing your gratitude for the incredible work they are doing for injured veterans.
-Have your Facebook and Twitter status update today relate to your gratefulness towards a veteran you know personally, or just brave military service members in general. Use the hashtags #PAM16ThankAVeteran#WingsForWarriors
-Do you have a photo of a loved one who has served our country? Share it as a comment below and/or with our Pain Awareness Month campaign on Instagram: @USPainAwarenessMonth
-SHARE the website within your social media support groups and on your Facebook Timeline.
#PAM16 #PainAwarenessMonth #ThankAVeteran

Today we're thanking Veterans and Wings for Warriors!  Wings for Warriors help injured veterans.  
Follow @Wings4Warriors on Twitter

Goodbye Topamax Week 4

Today begins my fourth week of Topamax withdrawal.  As I started with 400mg, I'm now taking 200mg.  This is only a half of my original dose (and a normal dose for most people).  I realized yesterday that the mild withdrawal symptoms I'm feeling now aren't too bad.  The worst symptoms may come at the end of this time, when I get to the last week or two.  But, I'll just have to wait and see.

My body pain is very bad this morning and fatigue is rough, too.  The nice effect of deep sleep with Topamax is fading away.  Now, I have a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep.  Waking up more tired than usual isn't fun, but that's part of the deal.  What I'm looking forward to is getting out of the fog and (hopefully) getting my brain back!

Hubby said he's seen a small sign, here and there, of the old me.  I hope so.  Typing this post is a constant battle with spelling; all the letters come out in odd order.  Oh, well.  This will soon pass.

Chronic illnesses cause these drug trials.  We try drugs.  They quit working.  We wean off drugs.  It's just part of life.  If you have to take medications for your health, I hope they are working.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pain Awareness Month Challenge Day 21 - Let's Have Fun

Day 21: Let’s have fun! With so many doctor’s appointments and treatment plans to follow, people with pain have so many decisions to make and serious conversations to hold. 
Today, let loose and do something silly and fun! 
Take a picture of your enjoyment, despite your pain condition and share it below so that others may become inspired to partake in similar activities! 
If you are having a difficult pain day, you can share a picture of a day, evening, trip or adventure where you were able to forget about your chronic pain condition for a moment and just have fun! Remember that you can also share today’s photo challenge on our campaign on Instagram: @USPainAwarenessMonth
#LetsHaveFun #PAM16 #PainAwarenessMonth

Our challenge today was to post a picture of enjoyment despite pain.  This was a picture of our last trip to see our child.  The long trip caused severe pain that lasted a long time.  But, the pain was so worth it!  I can't wait for the next trip.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Together on Tuesdays Blog Hop #100 & Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Together on Tuesdays Blog Hop #100

Welcome to Week 100 of our blog hop!  I'm so glad you came to help us celebrate the 100th time we've linked up here at Chronically Content.  I hope you've come with some of your favorite posts to link up today.  Today, in honor of our 100th week, we're having a Giveaway!  The Giveaway has 2 Prizes! a $15 Amazon Gift Card and a One-Month Blog Ad.  So, link up and then enter to WIN.

All entry links must be G-rated!  Links that aren't G-rated won't be shared on Pinterest or be eligible for feature status.  Thanks for understanding.  You are more than welcome to link up as many links as you would like: posts, DIYs, recipes, giveaways, reviews, etc, just clean :)

Featured Bloggers this week are:



Congratulations to these 3 Wonderful Bloggers!
Please visit their blogs and read their featured posts.  You may find some other great reads, too!  

Giveaway Rules: Giveaway is open to Continental US residents, 18 years and older. All social media, such as FB, twitter, pinterest, and instagram, take no responsibility for this sweepstakes. Chronically Content is accountable alone for delivery of the prizes in this giveaway.

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